Our Services

Integrated Marketing Support

We provide a variety of high end business to business outbound and inbound telemarketing / tele-prospecting services customized to support your demand generation campaigns. As a team, we set qualifying criteria, implement sales pipeline building strategies and deliver measurable results. To maximise demand generation efforts and ROI, ETI Sales Support provides a comprehensive array of ancillary marketing and business development services to help suppliers manage and control your marketing campaigns. The services include:

Automated Integrated Marketing System (AIM)

It’s just about impractical for a large enterprise to manage in a manual system all of the useful information and essential tasks required to handle major email/webmail communications. And a manual system is both costly and time consuming. ETI’s state of the art Automated Integrated Marketing System (AIM) technology provides problem solving solutions for most of the difficulties facing a wide range of businesses.

eti’s AIM System is designed to to automate all your essential information and administrative campaign management operations. You get 100% control and efficiency at low cost and you can get started quickly and efficiently.

The AIM system is comprehensive and consists of the following applications:

Comprehensive Campaign Management
  • Campaign Management for accurate source coding of all inquiries
  • Campaign Budget Management and Cost Control
  • Dynamic ROI analysis
  • Dynamic real time dashboards provide you with complete 360-degree view for every prospect
  • Integration with many popular CRM systems (e.g. SalesForce.com)
  • Integration with many popular Marketing Automation systems (e.g. Eloqua, Marketo)
  • Coordinate all activities and tasks with ETI’s Task i*Collaboration system

Smart Landing Pages

ETI’s full-fledged dynamic form server technology offers you the following capabilities:

  • Dynamic inquiry form design, including the management and development of “smart” landing pages
  • Global hosting of landing pages
  • Comprehensive click-through tracking by landing page, source, and other key variables
  • Integration with campaign/inquiry source management
  • Dynamic loading of inquiries to facilitate timely lead qualification follow through

Targeted Broadcast Email
  • Capable of delivering large volumes of targeted emails
  • Verification of email addresses to facilitate list building
  • List maintenance and clean up
  • Track email “opens”
  • Manage “opt-outs” and “opt-ins”
  • Manage and flag all hard bounces
  • Manage and track click-throughs
  • Integrates dynamically with ETI’s lead management, lead qualification and lead tracking facilities

Event Management

Let ETI Sales Support manage your needs for Webinar/Seminar invitations, registration and related support. We have the capacity to manage everything from single live or virtual events to a multiple registration series.Services offered include:

  • Registration systems, including session sign ups
  • Appointment management (e.g. appointment setting at trade shows)
  • Confirmations
  • Post event follow ups for lead generation and qualification
  • ROI analysis

Actionable Business Intelligence

One of the strengths of a consultative approach to sales prospecting is the opportunity it affords to gather actionable business information. Unlike traditional market research, which is offered in almost an academic fashion, ETI uses a call-guide driven technology to gather and organize data from virtually every prospecting conversation we have.

If you pay for high quality market research, you’d probably invest as much or more for that alone than yETI’s high quality ETI lead generation or lead qualification program. And, in the end, the most you’d have is a better understanding of the market.

Contrast that with the rich deliverables that constitute ETI’s offering. During the course of an ETI lead generation or lead qualification program, we will be speaking with hundreds or even thousands of key decision makers – not just a small statistical sample. Moreover, as part of every conversation, we will gather vital qualifying information into a enterprise database that’s customized for your company.

Customer Satisfaction / Market Research Surveys

Every opportunity to “touch” an existing customer or a prospective client offers the ability to extend your brand and to deepen relationships. If that touch is warm and friendly and offers clients and prospects a meaningful feedback to improve customer relationships. It will give you valuable insight into how your customers think about you. And it is likely to uncover ways for you to deliver better products and services.

A key to success is to approach the survey in a consultative fashion, with sufficient structure to capture the required data with plenty of leeway for customers or prospects to express their important perceptions. This information can provide you, the supplier, with added values.

Better understanding the needs of your constituents may lead you to develop new products and services. Proper probing may likely uncover sales opportunities that were left on the table at the time of the initial sale.

An ETI survey solution will give you valuable solutions and insights. A team of researchers with the talent and flexibility to work effectively in a consultative manner along with the intelligence and experience to take discussions into the most productive directions. Our service includes:

  • Questionnaire design and on line setup
  • Calling and gathering responses from qualified participants
  • email design to encourage participants to use a Web-based questionnaire
  • Real-time integration of Web and phone survey data
  • Survey tabulations and analysis

For more information please read our article “Surveys Done Right”

Lead Distribution, Management and Control

Our technology ensures that the right leads are delivered to the right people at the right time. Regardless of the complexity of your sales force or channel structure we’ll work with you to coordinate our lead management and sales pipeline system with your technology to enable:

  • Channel Partner distribution systems (automated / manual or both)
  • Geographic based distribution
  • Dynamic rule based distribution based on qualifying data (such as verticals, company size, competitive circumstances, etc.)
  • Record ownership rules
  • Targeted account based rules

eti also provides:

  • Comprehensive sales opportunity pipeline management tools
  • A broad range of lead tracking reports and dashboards
  • Compliance reporting to facilitate client sales management control
  • Real-time Web-based sales opportunity status reports
  • Web-based sales force automation facilities

Salesforce.com integration

eti has developed a comprehensive set of integration capabilities that make it possible for our clients to benefit even more from salesforce.com.

Special Features:

  • Batch mode utilities to synchronize data feeds
  • eti eliminates the need for complex data imports and exports or costly 3rd party integration systems
  • Dynamic custom links available allowing users to dynamically interact with ETI’s i*collaborator system directly from salesforce.com. These links permit the user :
  • to view rich information residing at ETI (Opportunity Dashboards)
  • to pull the data into salesforce.com dynamically
  • to dynamically push a record (account, lead, opportunity, contact) to eti
  • to communicate with ETI’s business development staff as to what actions should be undertaken